DO NOT PLAY SPACE BALL. <- rly? I am deadship 17th on bds won leaderboard, it aint just all rng. Use strategy son! Also, type :spaceball

Advice: if you accidently bet too much type :space for the fastest bet clear

First off, don't bet more then 1 8th of your total currency at a time if you wanna bet safe.

Now for strategys, (safebet) If you see 3 reds bet black, 3 blacks bet red 3 odds bet even 3 evens bet odd 3 highs bet low 3 lows bet high, if you do that and still lose (example 3 blacks roll I bet red and lost) Double bet on red.

Column strategy, if you see 2 d1 bet d2 and d3 same amount or 2 d2s bet d2 and d3 same amount 2 d3s bet d1 and d2 same amount Example: (2 d1s roll, I bet 15k on d2 and 15k on d3, if you win (24/38 chance) you get 45k credits, lower payout higher win rate. If you lose, bet 30k d2 and 30 on d3 if you win, 90k :P)

Train rider strategy: After you win on a *safebet* (first listed strategy) then bet the opposite color odd/even or high/low you won on, and bet on it 2-3 times in a row you could win.

Single number hunting: after 0 or 00 you can bet the single number before it 0 and some numbers after it bet the numbers after for a few rolls then. (Example : 19 0 23 36 13 each roll keep betting a small amount on all the numbers near 0, it may work.

Tip: for all strategys exept single number hunting theres this myth that after a 0, reset your bet streaks, example for *safebet* strategy, 3 blacks roll, you bet red, you lose, you bet red double amount, a 0 hits, pretend the streak is gone) and wait more rolls for *safebetting* You can also no belive the myth. Thats fine :)

Or you can choose to not do spaceball, your choice indeed.

You don't belive these strategys will work, start at 100 credits, and try my strategys then, if its not working, try again in a few hours, soon I will add a link to youtube posting all he strategys at once.

NEW STRATEGY VERY OP JAMES BOND ROULETTE STUFF: If you lose double the following stuff sown there. or triple. try bds instead of credits very op

☀ :bet c20 h :bet c10 b6 13 14 15 16 17 18 :bet c2 0 :bet c2 00